How to Choose The Best Makeup Brushes

oval brush makeup

Making makeup is also a creative process, comparable to art. To finish the “canvas,” using of brushes is simply necessary.

The artist cannot create without colors and brushes. These instruments help him to transfer
to the canvas the form and content of the conceived work. Making makeup is also a creative process, comparable to art.

makeup art


How to choose makeup brushes

Of course, now we are ready to hear the indignant exclamations of the fans of the natural way of making up
the make-up: “What do we need fingers for?” However, let us leave this option for the children drawing their first
not only works of art and for those who like to take pictures on the misted glass. We will become addicted to the high
and will master the real tools of makeup artists.

In fact, by purchasing an assortment of brushes, you invest in your beauty. After all, these tools are do not only
to facilitate the creation of makeup; they also help to save cosmetics, protect it from getting microbes
(what sinners do) and prolong the life of your favorite products.There are many makeup brushes and
innovations like an Oval Brush Set, SiliSponges, etc.

oval brush makeup

To learn how to choose brushes, you do not need to be a professional make-up artist. Our guide
will help you navigate the world of “tools” of beauty.

Let get started!

First Step. Decide on the material

Brushes made from natural (sable hair, ponies) and synthetic nap (acrylic, plastic). The natural product is good
easily for using dry means – blush, shadows. They do not hammer into the pile quickly wash out.

Synthetic is suitable for liquid cosmetics – foundation, fluid. This material absorbs fewer products (more giving
away the skin), so synthetic brushes better natural.

Second Step.Choose brush size and hardness

It is also important to select a brush in size so that, as makeup artists say, it fits into the area where you are going to
apply makeup. Bristles should not be rough and stiff and must have some degree of flexibility.

This tool, like cosmetics, is worth starting to test. Check the maneuverability of the brush, holding it in different
situations on the outside of the palm.

Third Step. Choose brushes, depending on their purpose

You can divide the makeup tools into several subclasses – for the eyes, lips, and face. Moreover, in each row,
there are essential brushes – those that help create competent makeup.

Face Brushes

oval brushes for makeup


They used to apply the basis, tone, concealer, blush, powder, as well as for shading.
Brush for applying the base and feathering blush

Appearance: with a short pile.

What is it for is necessary: it is excellent for drawing of a basis, and masks pores, little reddening, aligns a relief. Also with its help, you can mix dry ingredients, for example, powder and bronzing, powder and blush, contributes to soften the boundaries between shades and change the intensity of the color. This brush designed to apply the tool evenly, sparingly consumes it.

How to use: Apply liquid preparations in a circular motion from the center of the face to the hair growth line, until complete merging with the skin, and dry – along geometric lines. Then shade in circular motions to achieve a softening of the border of color

Your beauty assistants:

From Oval Brush Set: A and B

b oval brush

And The alternative brushes like:

altenative brushes

Powder brush

Appearance: soft, round, large.

Why is it necessary? It is easy to type a powder, shake off excess. This brush distributes powder evenly

How to use: Apply smooth stroking movements.

Your beauty assistants:

powder brush

From Oval Brush Set: C

And other alternative brushes:

powder brush


Brush for blush and bronzer

Appearance: a soft domed brush of medium size.

Why: this ultra-soft brush does not cause irritation on the skin, thanks to the long nap. With its help,
well adjust the face oval, apply a bronzer and blush exactly to the apple cheeks or cheekbones.

How to use: Apply bronzer under the cheekbone to the temple, blush on the apple cheeks towards the ear.

Your beauty assistants:

bronzer and blush brushes

Contour brush


Appearance: slightly sloping, flat fluffy brush.

What needed: it serves for mixing dry proofreaders, and for correcting the face oval.

How to use: it can use to apply bronzer, blush on the protruding part of the cheekbones, along with the
line of hair growth on the forehead, on the wings of the nose with dashed movements.


Your beauty assistant:

oval brush contouring

angled brush for countouring

Fan-shaped brush


Appearance: flat fan-shaped brush, thin at the base.

What needed: it used to resemble surplus shadows, blush, and powder.

How to use: gently brush the remnants of dashed movements.


Your beauty assistant:


Eye Brushes

Brush for creating effects


Appearance: small, flat, semicircular.

Why it is: allows you to make the pigment of shadows more intense, for example, focus on the corners of the eyes,
make the makeup brighter, create a counter on the lower and upper eyelids, and highlight the inner side of the eye, the Fold of the eyelid.

How to use: apply shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outer on a fold of an eyelid or allocate
a half of a fold of a century and shade borders


Your beauty assistant:


Brush for shading shadows

Appearance: conical, soft.

What is needed:  for feathering the border between the shades.

How to use: Use the tip of the brush to darken the shades with jerky strokes.  In addition, this brush is suitable for
creating smoky eyes. In this case, put the shadows in the fold of the century in smooth movements.

Your beauty assistants:


Brush for eyebrow and contour creation

Appearance: a small beveled brush.

Why it is needed: the bevel creates the opportunity for various maneuvers. With this brush, you can create
a contour of eyebrows, as well as upper and lower eyelids along the line of eyelash growth.

How to use: it is necessary to dab a brush in the shade or liquid liner and walks along the contour line. The thickness
of the line depends on the force of the pressure.


Your beauty assistants:

Brush for lips

You can apply Lipstick not only with a stick, finger. Professionals use a special brush to create a bright makeup of their lips.


Appearance: small, flat, with a round tip. It happens retractable.

What for it is necessary: for drawing of lipstick, a basis, shine, a contour.

How to use: Apply lipstick or shine from the corners of the lips to the center.


Your beauty assistants:

How to care for brushes


Even if you wash your face thoroughly, when you come in contact with the skin, the keratinized skin, the cream,
and the powder get into the brush. This cocktail is an excellent medium for the reproduction of bacteria, and for preventing
their appearance in your beauty tools, you need to wash your brushes every time after the makeup ritual or at least twice a week.


Furthermore, you can clean brushes in two ways: with the help of professional disinfectants, which sold in cosmetic shops or create
a cleanser yourself at home.


In the first case, spray the disinfector on the entire surface of the bristles; wait until it absorbs, next put the tissue in the form.


The second method requires you to spend a little time, shampoo and water. Pour in a small container of warm water,
add the shampoo there, and stir. Dip the brushes into the resulting solution for 10-20 seconds, then rinse under running
cold water. Seal the brushes, give them a shape with a napkin so far, and dry it on a towel horizontally. With vertical drying,
water will pour into the fixtures, eroding the adhesive and weakening the design of the brush.


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