Mop Slippers Shoes


With Mop Slippers Shoes, you can clean the floor without any extra effort! Just walk and the floor is clean, after a while!

Mop Slippers Shoes is a creative covering of footwear as a mop which brings the full advantage of cleaning the floor just by walking on it. There is no requirement anymore for a new mop or the broom because this surprising tool will allow you to clean the floor easily without any extra effort!

By carrying this covering of footwear of a mop, you can easily capture and clean floors while you and your guests are going around the area. You will be surprised with a purity that this shoes could bring to you!

This is the ideal for dust, dirt and pet’s hair. Besides, it saves time because you shouldn’t spend extra time, doing housework of the house – just walk around!

Mop Slippers Shoes
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