Groin Supporter

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• Wrapping element that supports hips, groins, hamstring, thigh and sciatic nerve pain.
• Exceptional neoprene that gives tight compression of the inner muscle and increases blood flow. Fastened by velcro to firmly fit the desired seizure.
• Used by athletes to eliminate sprains and injuries and other professionals who are active to any recreational activity. Also, it protects the area that undergoes surgery.
• Washable and reusable with longer duration.

An all in one rapping element that supports from the hips, groins, hamstring, thigh and sciatic nerve pain. It has a customized feature that helps you adjust on the desired size and seizures. The extreme Velcro attached to it adds additional features to have more proper fitting, as well as its versatility as it can be worn either right or left leg.

Exceptional expandable neoprene offers a tight compression of the adductor muscles group situated at the inner thigh. Supporting these muscles will avoid sprain and injury with the help of the strap attached with extreme Velcro. The Velcro fastened itself firmly for the user to perform his action normally and naturally.

It’s an effort-free wash item. It can be cleaned with warm water, light soap and wash with hands. Do not wash with the machine to maintain its shape and versatility.

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