DIY Pop Suckers


Please, beware! This POP sound of Pop Suckers is extremely addictive and you may even dream of it!

Pop Suckers love to connect with each other and enjoy the presence of fellow suckers. Together they have only one goal – building creative things. Moreover, they arrange themselves to become vehicles, jewelry, rockets, animals, or sculptures.

Furthermore, Pop Suckers are always up for playful experimentation. In other words, they enjoy defying gravity and stick to bathtubs, windows, school lockers, tabletops, computers, and laptops – and they never leave a trace of their presence. 

Most importantly, these Suckers leave no mark or residue to wherever they are popped. Moreover, Pop Suckers connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface. Once they take hold, it takes some pull to separate them. And when they make they unique, magical POP! sound – your hands and ears will be absolutely delighted.

DIY Pop Suckers

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