Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring

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Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring
Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring

This celestial animal is being pronounced as ‚ÄúPixiu‚ÄĚ in Chinese.

It is a mythical god beast in Chinese mythology, embodied with a dragon head, horse body and qilin’s feet, similar to a lion. Beside that, it has beard under its chin and wings at both sides with flying abilities. It is believed that it has the capability to draw wealth from all directions and it doesn’t have any anus, which signifies that it only allow money to roll in and prevent them from flowing out. So pixiu is a well known for attracting wealth luck and good fortune to home and businesses.

How does Pixiu play a role in Feng Shui Application?

1. It is believed that once you possess a Pixiu, it will help you to attract and accumulate wealth and that is the reason why it is the most popular Feng Shui enhancer.
2. Pixiu also have the power to protect the master from calamity and dangers.
3. If placed in home, it help to subdue any evil and serve as a protecting guardian to safeguard the house and occupants.
4. It is also known that it has the ability of attracting both primary income luck and windfall luck.
5. Another magical effect of Pixiu is that it can drive away the undesired romance and prevent the master from unnecessary harassment or family dispute once displayed on the desk.

Also, Om Mani Padme Hum is the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra. It is one of the most important mantras from Tibetan Buddhism, and widely used, which according to Buddhist tradition brings happiness, luck and good fortune to its wearer.

It was carved with¬†heart sutra¬†in the other side. The¬†Heart¬†Sutra is a popular¬†sutra¬†in Mahayana Buddhism. It can be translated as “The¬†Heart¬†of the Perfection of Wisdom“. The Heart Sutra¬†is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhist scripture.

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