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There are various types of lights on a vehicle each having its own purpose and importance. Here are some of the important vehicle lights that are used often to avoid accidents and ensure safety.

The headlight plays an important role in improving the driving experience. They help the driver see clearly during different weather conditions and especially at night. It helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of the vehicle and passengers. The purpose of the tail lamp is simple. It helps the people see you from far or at a reduced distance when coming from behind to overtake you.

The fog lights are considered to be a safety feature. They are designed to help the driver see at low speed and to let them see the surface and verges of the road more clearly. The indicator lights are located on the front, back, and side of the car. Sometimes on the side-view mirrors as well. The brake lights are on the back of the car while light up when the brake pedal is pressed to slow down or stop the car.



LED Car Atmosphere Ambient Star Light

This amazing LED Car Atmosphere Ambient Star Light is very easy to install with a USB socket. Simply plug the USB socket to your car USB connector, that`s it! You can install and play anywhere you want and get amazed by the beautiful dance of lights!

Moreover, this Ambient Light has a small size that makes it very easy for carrying and daily usage. Besides, this Light is universal for cars. Purchase Joopzy`s LED Car Atmosphere Ambient Star Light for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself and make your everyday car experience fancy!



LED Car Atmosphere Ambient Star Light-$17.95 – $22.95

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Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light

Magnet sensor design. It will light up when you open the door and the light turn off once you close the door. This product is specially designed for auto modification fancier; we purpose to bring more driving fun to drivers!

  • It is suitable for all vehicles, lighting steady and constant, clear and soft.
  • Easily to install it by yourself with the 3M adhesive sticker, wireless design, no more troubles of making holes.
  • Magnet sensor design. It will light up when you open the door and the light turn off once you close the door.
  • This product is specially designed for auto modification fancier; we purpose to bring more driving fun to drivers



Universal Wireless Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Light$9.95 – $11.95

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Neon Car Lights

This car accessory awesomely illuminates the interior of your car. Moreover, you can easily attach it to the underside of your car’s dashboard. It is also fairly simple to power Neon Car Lights up! Just plug its cord into your car’s 12V DC outlet and voila! The stylish car is what you get!

It comes with an easy to operate a wireless remote control, with which you can choose seven different colors to light up your car from the inside. No more boring cars with these awesome Neon Car Lights!



Neon Car Lights$18.95

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Multi-Color LED System

These bulbs are the cheapest and easiest way to make your ride stand out from the crowd.

  • Colorful Choice with RGBW Remote
  • Security Led with Protected Silica Coating
  • Wide Range of Use



Multi-Color LED System$14.95

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Wind-Powered LED Car Lights

Make your car a fancy head turner!

Do you want to level up the style of your car in an instant? Style it up with perfect convenience as well with Wind-Powered LED Car Lights!

Not just for looks but serves as a great utility light as well! Uses wind power generated during driving.

  • No battery needed!
  • Safe and free from electrical accidents.
  • Turns off automatically when your car is not moving.
  • No switch needed.



Wind-Powered LED Car Lights$11.95

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Car Interior Lights

This is the high quality and produces super bright LED light bulbs, and it’s producing intense light over a large area. Clean & stylish LED lights, enhanced the outline, make your car stands out in the crowd.

  • RGB & Music Sensor
  • Automatic Change Modes
  • Safe & Protect
  • Easy To Install 



Car Interior Lights$14.95 – $19.95

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6LED Car Strobe Flash Lights

If you have been thinking of upgrading your car or any other vehicle, then lighting should be on top of the list! This Strobe Light doesn’t get damaged very easily and requires less power to operate.

It is excellent for drivers who are out on the roads in rainy and foggy weather. These Strobe Lights can be seen from afar and ensure that driving at night is safe for everyone. Besides, this Light features an ultra-slim and super-bright surface mount.



6LED Car Strobe Flash Lights$12.95

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